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We etched this logo into a cherry conference table.

The finished conference table.

This is a revolving point of purchase display for a non profit helping children with autism.

Logo on cherry.

Close-up of the logo above.

This is a lazy susan about 26 inches in diameter. It's crafted from black walnut and African zebrawood with a Gabon ebony inlay.

This is another large lazy susan crafted from zebrawood and black walnut.

This display was created for Geno's Garage to highlight their line of dashboard gauges used in Dodge ram trucks.

The display is constructed from solid oak with a carbon fiber face and a laser engraved logo. 

We are often asked to craft one of a kind products, like this stand. The glass is carved by Cary Cortese, a noted Atlanta artist. We have crafted many different items for Cary. Each one is unique. This stand is crafted from African zebrawood and has hidden led lighting to illuminate the edge of the glass. The result is stunning.

This is an example of a slot car box. You may be asking yourself, what the heck is that? Slot car racing is a hobby enjoyed around the world. Slot cars are model cars with electric motors raced on tracks with a groove, aka "slot" to guide the cars.

Slot car racing enthusiasts take their cars and equipment to the tracks in everything from bags to custom made boxes like the one above.

The slotcar box above has compartments and drawers built to the customer's specifications.

This shot shows the detail of the dovetail corners. The material used in the construction of this box is Baltic birch and it's finished with lacquer.


Logo on quarter sawn maple veneer.

Another gauge display. This one was crafted for DPPI and is solid oak with an engine turned panel.










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