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It's hard to see, but this sign has raised lettering and graphics. It's made of expanded pvc with background cut away leaving the lettering and graphics raised.

This sign has a nice mix of elements. The main portion of the sign is hand carved redwood, the tree is hand carved high density urethane, the lettering is hdu with the word "Redwood" covered in 23.5 ct gold leaf.  The uprights are redwood with gold leaf covered buttons hiding the fasteners. The redwood used in this sign is from a sustainable second growth forest.

An entrance sign for an office condominium complex.

This sign also has some nice elements. The main panel and posts are constructed from cedar. The central panel is mahogany as is the hanging panel. All lettering is carved into the panels with the "Woodland Acres" finished in 23.5 ct gold leaf.

Are you thinking ...something is missing? Well, you're correct! The area at the top center was left blank so that the client could add a custom mosaic. 









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